Категория Благородные Воинственные Circumstantial Бесчестный
Типаж Прямолинейный Воинственный Коварный Садист
Добродушный Безжалостный Раздражительный
Повышение лояльности от чести Да Нет Нет Нет
Отпускать +2 +2 +2 +2
Захватить и Отпустить (Воина) +1 +5 0 -15
Захватить и Отпустить (Мир) +2 +2 +2 -15
Измена Практически некогда Маловероятно Вполне Возможно Возможно
Надел Не расстроится Немного расстроится Беспокоится Эгоист

Примечание: лорды с хорошим типажом более ценны, но их также труднее получить как и вассалов. Именно они будут чаще всего следовать за маршалом, защищать свое королевство и помогать другим лордам. Лорды с плохой репутацией будут постоянно ухудшать отношения с другими лордами в королевстве, в результате чего вероятность их дезертирства, или изгнания увеличивается. Обратная ситуация происходит с лордом хорошего типажа, чем больше он остается в королевстве, тем прочнее отношения с ним.

Note: bad-tempered lords will start with -3 relations with everyone, including the player.

Note: another important factor is families. Lords within the same family will:

  • Not try to denounce, indict, or attack each other.
  • Ask player for help when one of them is captured.
  • Pressure or support romance of player and a lady, if the lady is member of that family.
  • Try to denounce other families aggressively.
  • Note: Kings in Prophesy of Pendor don't have any family, not even a wife. They don't have reputation either.

Finding out a lord's personality Править

There are many ways of knowing which personality a lord has depending on what he says when speaking:

Personality Перша розмова як звичайна (менш ніж 1000 відомий) First talk as a known character (at least 1000 reknown) Перша розмова після того, як стати королем
Upstanding Peace to you, and always remember to temper your valor with mercy, your courage with honour. I know your name. They say you are a most valiant warrior. I can only hope that your honour and mercy matches your valor. I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. No doubt you have come to Pendor in search of wealth and glory. If this indeed is the case, then I only ask that you show mercy to those poor souls caught in the path of war.
Good-natured Well, you look like a good enough sort. I've heard of you! It's very good to finally make your acquaintance. I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Please forgive my ignorance! It is good to make your acquaintance.
Martial Perhaps you are not of gentle birth, but even a commoner, be he/she of sufficient valor, may make something of himself/herself some day. Your fame runs before you! Perhaps we shall test each other's valor in a tournament, or on the battlefield! I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. No matter -- a brave {reg63?man's:warrior's} home is all the world, or so they say!
Cunning Well... I have not heard of you, but you have the look of a man/woman who might make something of himself/herself, some day. Ah, yes. At last we meet. You sound like a good man/woman to know. Let us speak together, from time to time. I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Still, it is always worthwhile to make the acquaintance of men/women who may one day prove themselves to be great warriors.
Pitiless You have the look of a mercenary, another vulture come to grow fat on the misery of this land. I know your name. It strikes fear in men's hearts. That is good. Perhaps we should speak together, some time. I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Another vulture come to grow fat on the leftovers of war, no doubt!
Sadistic Normally I cut the throats of impudent commoners who barge into my presence uninvited, but I am in a good mood today. I know your name -- and from what I hear, I'll warrant that many a grieving widow knows too. But that is no concern of mine. I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Perhaps you are the bastard son/daughter of a puffed-up cattle thief? Or perhaps you stole it?
Bad-tempered Speak quickly, if you have anything to say, for I have no time to be bandying words with common soldiers of fortune. I've heard of you. Well, I'm not one for bandying words, so if you have anything to say, out with it. I don't recognize the device on your banner. No doubt another foreigner come to our lands, as if we didn't have so many here already.
Personality Philosophy Capture
Upstanding Kingship and lordship have been instituted to keep the peace and prevent the war of all against all, yet that must not blind us to the possibility of injustice. I yield! Do yourself credit, and grant me the honors of war, as befitting my rank!
Good-Natured Well, you should keep faith with your promises, and not do injustice to others. Sometimes it's hard to balance those. Stick with people you trust, I think, and it's hard to go far wrong. Congratulations on your victory, {Sir/Madam}. Accept my sword, I yield to you.
Martial My sword is at the disposal of my rightful liege, so long as he upholds his duty to me. I yield! I yield! Stop! I yield
Cunning Well, it's a harsh world, and it is our lot to face harsh choices. Sometimes one must serve a tyrant to keep the peace, but sometimes a bit of rebellion keeps the kings honest. Circumstance is all. Hold! Stop! I yield to you!
Pitiless Men will always try to cheat others of their rightful due. In this faithless world, each must remain vigilant of his own rights. I yield! You have won. Cursed be the damnable day!
Sadistic My philosophy is simple: it is better to be the wolf than the lamb I give up! I give up! Call off your dogs! I yield!
Bad-tempered Bah. They're all a bunch of bastards. I try to make sure that the ones who wrong me learn to regret it. Enough of this! You win today! Ach, the shame of it!